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Comments Search, Sort, and Filter

Find the comments you're looking for faster using our Comments Search, Sort, and Filter functionality. Easily sift through dozens of pages of comments by quickly locating the ones most relevant to your work.

How it Works

  1. Begin by opening up a draft document and selecting the comments menu on the right-hand side panel. Click on the filter icon located next to the search bar.

  1. Select one of the 5 comment fields below to locate the comments most relevant to you:

      a) For me - consolidate the comments you've been @mentioned in followed by comments created by you

       b) Date - sort comments by when they were first created

       c) People - locate the comments created by specific people on your review team

       d) Sort - sort by page number, resolved status, newest -> oldest and vice versa

       e) Search Comments - search for highlighted key words and passages

Users can use the search function by typing in keywords and selecting the comment to open the full thread. Users also have the option of further filtering on top of using the search functionality to refine their search.

Our Comments Search, Sort, and Filter can also be used inside any draft or approved document.

Video Content

For any video file, since comments created within a video are considered one continuous thread, Comments Search, Sort, and Filter will not apply to video content at the moment.

If you need further assistance, please submit a Ticket or contact your Customer Success Specialist directly.