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Compare Versions

When a new version of a document is uploaded, it’s often difficult to see what specifically has changed. Manually comparing documents is time consuming and potentially prone to error.

Compare Versions presents a visual comparison between two versions of an uploaded document helping you determine any changes and edits made. The feature compares and contrasts both desired documents and highlights all the differences/similarities/overlaps between them.

Compare Versions is also essential in ensuring no unauthorized changes were made between versions of a legal contract.

How it Works

1.  To begin, upload your document and navigate to the Version History tab in the right navigation bar.

2. When at least 2 versions of a document are uploaded, Compare Versions will be enabled. To access the feature, click on "Compare."


  • Admin and author roles will see buttons to upload new version and compare as shown below.
  • Viewer roles will only be shown the button to compare.
  • Videos cannot be compared.

3. Compare Versions will open up in a new tab, leaving your Papercurve workspace opened in a different tab to easily flip between the two to view necessary comments.

The two latest versions of your document will be selected to compare, to change this, click on the down arrow near the version titles and select the desired version from the dropdown menu.

4. To reverse the order of the documents being compared, click on the reverse icon, located in between both version titles.

5. Both versions will appear side by side with all of their differences highlighted in red and in green.

  • Red highlights appear on the left side document and represent all text that has been altered in any way (removed or edited).
  • Green highlights appear on the right side document and represent all text that has been added or updated.

Note: Text formatting (size, font, bold, etc), will not be highlighted in the comparison· 

Example: In the first sentence of this contract, the 3rd day has been changed to the 7th day. In the right side document, the 3rd is highlighted in red and in the left side document the 7th is highlighted in green.

6. You can also view the differences on the side panel located to the right of the screen by clicking on the Compare icon.

7. By clicking on a specific edit/change in the side panel, it will direct you to the exact location of the edit and it will be outlined in blue.

8. You can also search for specific changes using the search bar located on top of the side panel, or by clicking on the magnifying glass icon.

If you need further assistance, please submit a Ticket or contact your Customer Success Specialist directly.