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Do you have multiple ongoing projects at the same time and have difficulty keeping track of all of them? 

Have you ever missed a comment that is added last minute on a review? 

Are there times when you just wanted to get an overview of all ongoing projects to know where you stand?

On Papercurve, we strive to streamline processes and provide our clients with the most efficient workflow while also mitigating the potential for errors.

Our new dashboard feature will provide easy tracking of tasks, notifications of new content or comments, and provide time sensitive information that would require client action. 

Dashboard View

The In Review section of the dashboard displays documents that the client is a part of the review process. It highlights the recency, document owner, due date, approval progress and will indicate the next step required from the client. 

Released to Approved: The user should release the document to the Approved Library.

Submit Approval: The user's approval is required for this document.

Request New Version: The user is required to submit a new version of the document.

Waiting for Reviewer: The user doesn't not need to do anything as they are waiting for other reviewers to submit their approvals before they can proceed do the next step.

Review Submitted: The user is a reviewer and their approval has been submitted, but the document is still awaiting the next step from another user.

In addition to viewing documents that are in review, the user can also choose specific documents as "Favorite" and have it pinned to the top of the dashboard. Therefore important documents can stay visible and easily tracked.

On the right side of the screen is the Comments & Mentions panel. It updates with the most recent comments and comments with an @mention of the client that are made to any projects that are in the In Review panel. By selecting the comment, it will show a preview of the document along with where the comment is located to provide context. 

The bottom panel of the Dashboard lets the client view recently engaged documents and recently approved documents so they can easily return to where they left off or view the final released document that is now in the approved library.

If you would like to learn more about this feature, please contact your designated customer success or book a demo with us!