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Default Notifications

Notifications on Papercurve are sent to a user's email where they will be notified about a new or outstanding task. This creates a streamline workflow for users to upload, edit, and review content without having to directly send a message to KOLs. This article outlines the default notification settings for the uploader and reviewer.

The Uploader

The uploader will receive an email notification when:

  • content is approved by all reviewers
  • an approved content is released to a library
  • content is deleted
  • content is reviewed with a response to "submit new version"

The Reviewer

The reviewer will receive an email notification when:

  • a request invitation is sent to review and approve content - with any additional notes made to the reviewer(s)
  • a new version of the document is uploaded

Other Default Notifications

  • due date notification reminders are sent to the reviewer 2 and 1 day(s) prior to the due date, and on the date of
  • due date notifications are sent everyday after a scheduled due date
  • all users are notified when a new version is uploaded
  • users will receive an email notification when they are @ mentioned in a comment

The amazing thing about Papercurve's notification settings is that they are 100% customizable to your team's workspace. Our team is currently working hard to release this feature in our upcoming version releases.

If you need further assistance, please submit a Ticket or contact your Customer Success Specialist directly