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Download with Comments

The Papercurve download tool allows you to export a hard copy of your content with or without your comments.

The different types of download options include:

·        Original file source without comments

·        PDF without comments and references

·        PDF with comments and references

How to access the download options

1.      To access the three download options,, first you must select the content that you wish to work on. From there, click on the three dots located on the top right bar of your content:

2.      From here, select “Download” and then select how you would like to download your content:

Downloading a PDF with Comments 

Viewing in Adobe 

When you download your content as a PDF with comments, comments will display as if you created the comment directly in Adobe. This allows you to edit comments after they have been downloaded.


 >  You’re able to see the comment on the content itself:

  > You’re also able to see a list of all the comments in the right side panel if you select the “Comment” feature:

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