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Managing Subscriptions in Papercurve CRM Verified Email

Learn how to effectively handle email subscriptions with Papercurve CRM's Verified Email Contacts. By default, a contact is marked as "subscribed," indicated by an attached flag that is turned ON. Explore the tutorial to understand how, upon receiving an email, contacts are automatically provided with an "unsubscribe" link, enabling them to opt out of future communications.

Here’s how:

  1. On your “Contacts” screen, you can see a list of contacts that are subscribed to your emails.
  1. Once a contact receives an email, they are provided with an “unsubscribe” link which allows them to opt-out of all emails or emails from a specific segment.
  1. Once a contact unsubscribes, the contact name will be unhighlighted and the subscribe toggle will be turned OFF. They will no longer receive all emails or emails delivered to a specific segment.

If you would like to learn more about this feature or provide feedback on how this feature might benefit you, please contact us!