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Paige Assist

How often are you answering the same question over and over again? Or was sent a client that needs assistance from a department that’s not yours? Or worse, missing a client inquiry/request because there’s just too many emails!

Our virtual assistant - Paige Assist will solve all those issues and then more! 

24/7 Support and Immediate resolution

As there are always common questions or requests to learn more that arise with any product, Paige Assist can be inputted with information to answer them instantly without having to be connected to a live team member.

Paige Assist can be run 24/7 both during and after working hours. Therefore, there will always be support even when team members are not available. 

This will reduce conversation load and provide instant satisfaction for your clients even during after hours.

Never miss a client communication and collect context for each discussion

With an ever present virtual assistant on your platform, you can track and record the history of each client communication to provide context for future interactions. 

There will be times when all team members are occupied or unavailable, but with Paige Assist, you can collect relative data and information from the client so when a team member can resolve the issue, they will have data available to start their process instead of requesting more information.

Triage conversations to appropriate support

Paige Assist can also triage conversations and requests automatically to specific departments. Or when the existing knowledge of Paige Assist cannot answer an inquiry, it will automatically route the inquiry to a team member. 

With the reduced conversation load from automating common requests, the team can focus on providing first-class service with the client issues that reach them. 

If you would like to learn more about this feature or provide feedback on how this feature might benefit you, please contact us!