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Reference Labels

With Papercurve's Reference Labels feature, our clients have the ability to create unique labels to each and every one of their annotations. We've learned from our users that a large portion of their workflow involves having to manually record annotations for references as well as managing a list of labels to use for citation. Our Reference Labels will organize and track our client's annotations so they don't have to. Clients can choose to assign a unique label to their annotation (eg. Benning2021 | pg34A), or we can automatically create default labels.

Each Reference Label consists of two attributes to create one unique label:

  1. Reference ID - A Reference ID is a unique short name for a reference document. It could be the author and the year, the title of the file, or whatever the user desires.
  2. Annotation ID - An Annotation ID is a unique name for a highlighted excerpt. The Papercurve default is the page number and a sequential letter for the section. Users can customize this by entering in their own custom ID.

Creating a Reference Label

  1. When you highlight an excerpt in the Reference Document Viewer, the Reference Label modal will pop up prompting the user to assign a unique label for that highlighted excerpt.
  2. The user can then enter in a Reference ID that is unique to the entire reference document. After, they can enter an Annotation ID which is a unique label for that specific highlighted annotation.
  3. Once the user is finished, they can click Save and the labeled annotation will be displayed in the right-hand side panel.

Editing a Reference Label

  1. The Reference Label can be edited by clicking on the 3 dot menu associated to the label and then clicking Edit.
  2. The Reference Label modal will appear. Click on the pencil icon to make edits to the Reference ID or Annotation ID.
  3. Click Save to complete the edit.

     Note: The Reference ID for all annotations in a given document are the same. If the Reference ID is edited, this change will be applied to all annotations within that specific document.


  1. What if I mistakenly create multiples of the same annotation label?

      A: We've made it so that any duplicate Reference ID or Annotation ID inputs are not possible. If you accidentally input a duplicate Annotation ID or Reference ID and click save, the duplicate ID will turn red and a message will show stating, "This annotation ID is taken."

  1. What if I accidentally click Delete instead of Edit in my annotation?

      A: No worries! If the reference annotation was previously linked to a document excerpt(s), a message will appear stating, "Annotations linked to a document cannot be deleted." If you do accidentally delete an annotation before it's been linked, you will have to recreate it.

If you need further assistance, please submit a Ticket or contact your Customer Success Specialist directly