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Searching for Content in Approved Libraries

Easily view, search and filter through content in an approved library using our various display options.

Table View: View content in details by sorting through content properties, dates and titles.

Thumbnail View: View content by thumbnail and sort by date and title only.

Search Workspace: Search through the whole library by title.

How it Works

1. To access your approved library, click on Approved on the top navigation bar of your workspace.

2. All of your libraries will appear side-by-side and you must select the library you would like to search for content in.

3. Once in the library, you can choose to view your content in table view or in thumbnail view by using the toggle located in the top right.

Note: Whichever view you lastly selected will be the view that the library will open in by default.

Thumbnail View

1. To view content in thumbnail view, switch the toggle over to the thumbnail icon by clicking on it.

2. To use filters to sort through the content in thumbnail view, click on the sort by icon. You can choose various ways to sort by title or by date.

You can sort approved content by:

- Newest to Oldest

- Oldest to Newest

- Z to A

- A to Z

Table View

1. To view your approved content in more details, simply toggle the switch to the table view icon.

2. The columns displayed from left to right are the title, the owner, upload date, followed by the content properties for the library. Be sure to scroll to the right to see all the columns available. 

3. As opposed to thumbnail view, in table view, you can sort by content properties as well as by title and date. To do this, simply click on the column header.

4. Clicking it again will toggle the sort order between ascending and descending. Columns for tags or multiple selection fields will not sort and clicking the column will have no function.

Note: Ascending arrow means oldest to newest and descending arrow means newest to oldest.

5. To change the sorting filter, simply click the arrow and it will change.

Search Workspace

1. Lastly, you can search for approved content using the search bar. To open the search, click on the magnifying glass icon.

2. Simply type in a keyword of the content title you are searching for to attain results.

Note: ONLY content that is released will be listed and shown in this view. No draft content will be visible in the table view.

If you need further assistance, please submit a Ticket or contact your Customer Success Specialist directly.