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Shared References

  • Shared references can only be deleted when they are not linked to multiple review content
  • Search feature can be used to browse through the document using keywords

Gathering references and research can be time-consuming and tedious, especially when making multiple claims in a single document.

In Papercurve, you can easily add source materials to any medical claims made in your content. In one simple click, your claims can be sourced. Using our shared reference tool, you can select the text you wish to reference and attach supporting documents to your content. The shared references tool allows for one reference to be shared multiple times or be used in another document.

Adding a reference document

1. To add a reference, open your content and simply highlight the text that you would like to reference. Click the Paperclip Icon that appears underneath.

2. You will now see the Reference Panel appear on the right-hand side, select the "Add reference" button.

3. Here, you can choose to upload new supporting reference materials by clicking on “Upload” on the right hand corner or you can select an already uploaded reference document from the library.

To upload a document, choose a supporting referencing material by clicking on the “Browse” or by dragging and dropping the file from your computer.

Adding references to medical claims

1. Once the reference file has been added to the review content, it should appear in Reference panel. To find an annotation within the reference document, click on the document tab.

2. From here, you can choose a previously linked annotation or create a new one from the reference document you have selected or uploaded by clicking on "Create new Annotation"

3. This will open the reference document. You can use the search feature to browse through the document using keywords. This will make it easy to find the specific paragraphs you need for your annotation.

4. Once you have found the content you wish to use as your reference, select the text and/or content. Enter the Reference ID and Annotation ID for reference, then click Save. This will automatically link the annotation to the text.

6. Congratulations, you have successfully added a reference to your content! The original content you selected will now be highlighted. You can click on the highlighted text and the Reference panel will appear for you to view your reference(s).

Pin Drop References

1. Another way to add references to content is by using the pin drop icon. This is useful when you want to create a general reference. In the top navigation bar, select the pin drop icon and choose where in the document to leave the pin.

Then follow the same steps as the previous sections to add your annotation.

2. You can also leave a pin drop reference in the reference document itself by selecting the pin drop icon. This pin will be linked as any other reference.

Migrate References: Uploading a new version with previous references

Sometimes you have a new version of a document that already have reference created, you can migrate existing references to keep your data intact without losing information.

Please Note: Migrating references are based on mapping the X and Y coordinates of the references from previous versions to the newest version. Some discrepency might occur if major changes were implemented between versions.

1. To transfer references from a previous version of a document to a new version, click on Upload new version under the three dot menu.

2. Switch the toggle that indicates "Copy references to new version" to green. Now when the new version is uploaded, all previous references will appear at the exact location.

Deleting a reference document

1. In the event of that you need to delete a reference document, you can do it directly from the Reference panel. Simply select the reference document title and document will load. Select the 3 dots and select delete.

Note: Reference document that are tied to other review content with Papercurve cannot be deleted.

If you need further assistance, please submit a Ticket or contact your Customer Success Specialist directly