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Adding Comments on Content

The Papercurve comment tool is a powerful tool that allows you to insert comments related to the review of a document while you collaborate. This means you can add comments directly on your content during the review process and view comments that have made, in a centralized manner. The different types of comments you can make to your content are:

·        Pin drop comments

·        General comments

·        Comments made by selecting text

Pin drop comments

1. To add a pin drop comment, first you must select the content that you wish to work on. From there, click on the pin drop icon located on the top bar of your content.

2. A menu will appear below. Click on "Pin Drop Comment" to select the pin you would like to drop into your content.

3. Click on the location that you would like to leave your comment. Once selected, an orange pin drop icon will appear and the comments side panel will open up, where you can proceed to type your comment by clicking on the comment box area.

General comments

1. To add general comments regarding the whole document, click on Comments on the Summary panel and the Comments panel will appear.

2. Once the Comments panel appears, you will see the option to create a general comment. The Comments panel will also show previous comments made regarding the content.

Comments made by selecting text.

1. Another way comments can be made is by selecting text directly on the content. To do this, you simply highlight the text that you would like to comment on, and then click the speech bubble that appears underneath the text selection.

2. The Comments Panel will then appear on the right hand side for you to enter your comment.

Viewing comments

Comments that are made on a document that @ mention you will appear on the Comments & Mentions panel in Dashboard. Comments that are apart of a document that you are the owner of will also appear on Dashboard' s Comments & Mentions Panel.

  1. @ mention the person you'd like to direct a comment to by selecting the @ icon on the lower left. Then send the comment off by clicking on the airplane icon on the lower right.
  1. Once the comment has been sent off it can be viewed on the user that was mentioned and/or the owners Comments & Mentions panel on Dashboard.

You can also view any of your comments by simply clicking on the highlighted texts, the orange pin drop icon, clicking on comments on the summary panel or by searching through your comments using our Comments, Search, Sort and Filter feature. To learn more about this feature, click here.

If you need further assistance, please submit a Ticket or contact your Customer Success Specialist directly