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Structured Content Authoring

Structured Content Authoring allows users to add text or images to documents from already approved content using editable fields. This can be used for materials such as standard response documents or marketing materials that require specific wording that cannot be altered. 

Using Structured Content Authoring users can increase efficiency and streamline their content creation by reusing material, ensuring compliance and simplifying localization.

Creating a Structured Content Category

1. To access Structured Content properties, click on your name on the top right corner of the Papercurve workspace and select Structured Content in the drop down menu.

2. To create a new category click on the +New Category option on the left hand side.

3. Here you will be able to create a category name that will generate a customizable label prefix, view the placeholder as well as select a category type. If you are creating structured content text, ensure to select the “Text” option, and if you want to create structured content images, select the “Images” option under category type.

4. Once that has been completed select Save.

5. Once your new category has been created, select it from the list of categories under Structured Content.

6. In the New tab, enter your already approved text into the caption box and select save.

For images, you can drag and drop or browse through your files. After completing, select Save.

Creating a Document with Placeholders

Note: Only Microsoft Office files are accepted in Structured Content Authoring. You can only use lowercase letters, numbers "-", and "_" within the double brackets. Capitalized letters and special characters will not work.

1. To create documents with structured content authoring you must add this exact placeholder where you would like the content to be located:


(If you do not follow this placeholder, our platform will not be able to detect the editable fields)

For example, this category name is Papercurve Benefits. So the placeholder must be: {{structured.papercurve_benefits}} with an underscore as the space.

However, if you want to select from multiple structured content, you must add a field name at the end of the placeholder. The field name can be anything you wish to identify with.

For example adding a number at the end {{structured.papercurve_benefits.first}}

2. These placeholders must be at the exact location of where you want your approved text or image to be generated.

Generating New Content on Papercurve

1. When uploading your template document with the placeholders, Papercurve will detect the editable fields. To learn how to upload head to Content Authoring and follow steps 1 through 5.

2. To view the editable fields select “editable fields” in the side panel.

3. You can input text or images by searching through the editable fields using the label associated or specific keywords within your pre approved content.

4. Once all the editable fields needed have been filled select the Apply Fields button to immediately view results.

If you would like to learn more about this feature or provide feedback on how this feature might benefit you, please contact us!